Low tech aquarium plants

November 11, 2018 dynomike 0

Low tech aquariums aren’t just for beginners. Aquarium enthusiasts of all levels enjoy a low tech aquarium since it’s far easier to maintain. And in ….

Do you need substrate for aquarium plants?

September 26, 2018 dynomike 0

Anchoring plants simply require something to hold onto, typical anchors are rocks and driftwood. These species typically have few large roots and need to be tied to an anchor during it’s initial placement. Over time, these plants will have rooted themselves on the anchoring medium and will no longer need to be tied.

5 Best thriving low light aquarium plants

July 29, 2018 dynomike 0

The reason these plants are so easy to maintain is because of their low light adaptation, they grow slower than most plants thus requiring less pruning. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of readily available, easily maintained list of the best low light aquarium plants guaranteed to thrive.

Can LED lights grow aquarium plants?

May 5, 2018 dynomike 0

When choosing your light fixture be sure to be aware of your plant placements. In your planted tank, you’ll want to have every single plant exposed to some form of light, whether indirect or not. Typically, an LED aquarium light bar that covers the entire length of your tank should be good enough and if you have an island-style scape, a full spectrum spotlight will work just fine.