Tropical aquarium plants for beginners

Are you wondering which tropical aquarium plants for beginners are available in the market? We’ve got a hand selected list of the easiest to grow and maintain tropical aquarium plants for beginners. They will be based on categories like low prices, ease, availability and aesthetics. The following tropical aquarium plants for beginners can be kept in low light setups and they do not require fertilizers. So rest assured, all of these factors make them excellent beginner plants.Are you wondering which tropical aquarium plants for beginners are available in the market? We’ve got a hand selected list of the easiest to grow and maintain tropical aquarium plants for beginners

The Java Fern & The Needle Leaf Java Fern

These two plants are the easiest plants which beginners can use for their aquarium. The Java fern is fairly larger than the Needle Java fern. The large leaves of the Java fern ensures it needs less amount of light. This plant is usually inexpensive and is available at most aquarium stores. The Needle Leaf Java has thinner leaves and it is hard to spot at a local store. However, with the internet in our pockets it can be acquired from online vendors or other aquarists quite readily.

Both of these ferns have a rhizome at the base and so they can be attached or glued (use Aquarium Glue) on to a hardscape or wood within an aquarium. They shouldn’t be placed in substrate as this will cause them to rot. Java ferns are tolerant of different water conditions and this is what makes them easy to grow and maintain. They also require less light levels. The Java ferns do not need any liquid fertilizers or plant specific substrates.

These plants are also easily propagated. Note that the base, known as the rhizome, can be cut in two using a knife or scissors but appropriate Aquascaping Tools would be best. You can then take either piece and re-plant them. This will ensure the plant grows quickly, produces more leaves, but in two different areas of the aquarium at the same time. You can repeat this process as many times as you like, just be aware that you will have more to prune, clean and fertilize.

Anubias & Anubias Nana

These two are some of the easiest plants to have in your aquarium. Anubias is sold often on rocks or Driftwood in an aquarium store. Unlike Java Ferns this plant takes time to grow. It is important to buy one that fits the size of the aquarium well. The Anubias must be kept above substrate in shady areas to prevent the growth of algae. The Anubias plant doesn’t need much in terms of nutrients and so it does not need any liquid fertilizers, typically fish waste and beneficial bacteria should be sufficient.

The Anubias Nana is one of the varieties of Anubias. It has smaller leaves and this makes it more convenient to grow in smaller aquariums. This is hard to come by in the stores and may come at a slightly higher price.

Although easy to maintain, it’s hard to make flower. When extremely well taken care of, the Anubias plant will reward the owner with an underwater flower. It is an easy plant to grow and maintain if you’re looking for a middle or foreground plant, it can also be grown partially out of the water.


This list should serve as a beginners friendly aquarium plant guide. The plants will help beginners understand what it’s like to propagate a plant, prune a fast growing plant, tie a plant to hardscape and patiently wait for growth. Hopefully, the experience with these plants that will prepare you for more advance level plants that require mid to high light, CO2 and fertilizers.  

Tropical aquarium plants for beginners
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Tropical aquarium plants for beginners
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